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January 27, 2021

Artikel Eva Dietrich,

November 21, 2020






... ... and the many private patrons / donors, without whom ChorOnline would not exist.


Thank you for this wonderful initiative and the work that you put into this project! You can't believe what pleasure these ChorOnline evenings give me! They have changed my outlook on life during this Corona crisis. Thank you!!  

Christiana Hägele (D)

Thank you soooo much! That was lovely – very likeable teachers, wonderful music!

Happy greetings from Vienna,


Christa Opriessnig (A)

That was so delightful with the Armenians, and also with Tamar yesterday. The way these musicians teach their songs warms my heart.

My heartfelt thanks for the idea, the organization, for everything!


Esther Menet (CH)

Born out of the restrictions of the first Corona lockdown, ChorOnline for me is an antidote to isolation and closed borders.


Eva Dietrich, art historian, curator, author and traveler

Zürich in November 2020

ChorOnline cannot replace the singing in harmony in a choir, but it opens up new possibilities. Everyone can learn the songs in his or her own way, in a kind of protected environment, and yet together with others.

I work as a music therapist in geriatric institutions, where I regularly hear how centrally important expression with and in one’s own voice is.


Manuel Bannwart, music therapist and instrument builder

Buttwil in November 2020

In addition, this project supports artists in other countries in continuing to practice the specific music of their cultures through presentations and online performances, while other performances and travel had to be cancelled. Thanks to the donations of the ChorOnline participants the musicians also receive much-needed financial support.


StimmImpuls, Fraua Kruse-Zaiss

Au (D), November 24, 2020

ChorOnline has created a new kind of musical entity: you sing for yourself in your home, but simultaneously with others and in the awareness of being part of a choir with 30 or 40 participants from many different countries. This broadens the horizon and can produce a feeling of inner freedom and peace.


Maren Haartje, former president of the Artas Foundation 

Holm (D), November 24, 2020

Presentation ChorOnline 


ChorOnline was presented by Lea Hagmann at the following congresses:

07.11.20: Ethnomusicology and Music Enterprise in Catastrophic Times. British Forum for Ethnomusicology. Link

19.05.20: «Musicovid» - an international research network on the role of music during the Covid 19 pandemic. Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics. Link