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do you want to sing in an international choir - from home, and under the Tuition of singers from different cultures?


Today's technology makes it possible!

When the Corona pandemic started in spring 2020, making physical encounters impossible, technology suddenly offered a new possibility: The «joint» singing in a virtual «choir».

ChorOnline is a transnational music project offering participants from all countries the opportunity to take part online in singing workshops, led by musicians from different cultures, but also to learn more about voices and the backgrounds they come from. In addition, Choronline provides access to streaming concerts.


- A transnational singing project

We sing traditional songs from Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Macedonia and Bulgaria, among others. The courses are taught by musical experts of traditional songs in their homelands. The course leaders receive a contribution entirely funded by donations from the workshop participants.




CultureOnline opens doors, permits insights and promotes exchange. We focus on traditions and rituals, discuss cultural and historical context and present specific ethnic singing techniques such as yodeling, overtone and throat singing and “white voice”.
We learn about marriage, work and healing songs and discuss the varying styles of singing.


- streaming concerts

ConcertOnline offers streaming concerts by professional musicians and lovers of traditional music. These are either performed live from their homes, or as a hybrid concert with a small audience from the Bistro Dimensione in Winterthur.


- music in cultural context

CaféOnline is an additional offer from ChorOnline in collaboration with the international folk dance and dance music club VTI from Switzerland. It was developed in collaboration with Lea Hagmann and offers traditional musicians from various cultures the opportunity to share their knowledge about the musical treasures of their countries in an attractive and interactive presentational format.
The main focus of CaféOnline is put on the cultural and social contexts in which music and singing take place, and it thus fosters intercultural understanding.

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